Rainbow Area Youth - Toledo (RAY)

Phone:  (419) 742-2362

E-mail: toledoray012@gmail.com

For youth... Interested in attending a meeting?  Just go to our Directions to get our meeting site address and join us on a Thursday evening some time soon!  If you have some questions about RAY you'd like to have answered or just want to talk, call or text (419) 742-2362 or e-mail us at the address to the left.  Remember to leave a name and the best way to contact you in any messages you send.


For care-giving adults... Is there a youth in your life that you think could benefit from attending RAY?  Call or e-mail us with any questions or concerns you have.  If you are planning on taking a youth to RAY and would like to speak to our Executive Director or another Adult Volunteer (AV) face to face, please call (419) 742-2362 to arrange a meeting.  Parents and guardians are not allowed to attend RAY. The identity of youth and the information they share during meetings are kept in strict confidence for their safety, and we ask that anyone bringing youth to RAY respect that confidence.


For others... Are you interested in learning about the volunteer, educational and/or occupational opportunities possible through RAY?  Please send a current resume, volunteer application, with a short explanation of how you would like to become involved to toledoray012@gmail.com.  Please wait to get a response from us before coming to a meeting.  RAY is a group for youth, therefore ANY UNSANCTIONED ADULTS THAT ARRIVE AT OUR MEETING SITE WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE AND WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO RETURN.