An Open Door

At RAY, everyone is welcome.  When you arrive in the meeting room, we ask that you sign yourself and any guests you bring into our Sign-In Binder.  We don't need a full profile - just give us the name you prefer to be called and your age.  When you're done, grab a snack from the table and feel free to chat with other group members until the meeting begins.  Don't forget to throw your name into the 6:40 Jar to win a prize!


Highs & Lows

Got something heavy you want to get off your chest?  Or maybe you're excited about your weekend plans?  Whatever the case, share the high and low points of your week with us.  If you don't feel comfortable sharing your Highs & Lows with the group, just introduce yourself.

Our Meetings

After Highs & Lows, we go into our topic or activity for the night.  Our topics are presented through guided discussions, guest speakers, games, parties, and movie nights.  Sometimes members have problems that they would like help in solving and those issues become our meeting topic.  We would like you to take advantage of our peer support network during our meeting times.

If you have serious concerns and would like to talk with a RAY member or AV on an one-on-one basis, just let the other AVs know and you can be escorted to another room to converse freely.

Before and after meetings, resources from the RAY Library are available for members to take home.  Please note that all of the texts and films were donated; many are either out of print or otherwise hard to find.  If you borrow any items from our library, please return them as soon as you are done with them.




RAY Rules


RAY is for everyone between the ages of 13 and 19 years old.

What is said in the room stays in the room.  Confidentiality is a must.

Be respectful of RAY members and Adult Volunteers (AVs).  This means...

  • One person speaks at a time.
  • Stay seated or in the RAY room during meetings.
  • No littering!  Clean up after yourself!
  • WE HAVE A 3-STRIKE SYSTEM:  If an AV has to tell you more than twice to stop inappropriate behavior, you will be asked to leave the meeting.  If the behavior continues during your next two meetings, you may be asked not to return to RAY.

RAY starts at 6:30 p and ends at 8:30 p.  Please do not arrive earlier than 6:20 p and make sure that you make arrangements to leave the site by 8:45 p. 

If you have to arrive late or leave early, please notify an AV as soon as possible.  In either case, you need to be quiet courteous when entering or exiting the meeting space.

NO ELECTRONIC DEVICE USE DURING MEETINGS.  If this becomes too much of a distraction, you may be asked to leave.

RAY is a safe environment for everyone.  To promote this, keep in mind it is rude to ask someone her/his gender or sexual orientation.

RAY is not a dating service.  Some group members have serious concerns and aren't in the best place to start a relationship.  Protect your heart.

No contact between group members and Adult Volunteers (AVs) outside of RAY meetings, bulletins, and events will be tolerated.  If you find that there has been a violation, notify the Executive Director or another AV immediately.

No sex, drugs, alcohol, or violence is permitted at RAY meetings or events.  Period.